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A trailblazer in the Irish food industry, Tetyana Zhemerdyey has spearheaded the eat-at-home sushi movement in Ireland with her business, Glorious Sushi. Having honed her craft in the Ukraine where she was head chef of a prestigious sushi restaurant, Zhemerdyey’s technique has been lauded with 15 awards in 7 short years including 8 Blas na hÉireann gold, silver and bronze medals and 5 McKenna’s Guide badges of merit.

Family is at the core of everything she does; her operating principle is to create nutrition-packed, convenient food with the freshest of locally sourced produce. The proof is in the pudding and Glorious Sushi’s stellar quality is reflected in its exponential growth during the recession to being a proud partner of Aldi nationwide as well as being stocked in other stores including Ardkeen, Supervalu, Londis and many other gourmet grocery stores.

With four expertly arranged selections of sushi to choose from, this takes the work out of finding a ready-made, vitamin-filled lunch for families or busy people on the go. Pristine slivers of fish sit atop some perfectly vinagered rice – from classic smoked salmon to meaty crab and glazed eel – transporting your taste buds straight to the heart of Japan. 


Not only is Glorious Sushi the proud proprietor of sushi, it boasts a whole host of other snacks and accompaniments perfect for any potluck party including vegetable noodles, carrot salad and smoked salmon pate. Looking for delicious, wholesome food that’s ready in an instant? Glorious Sushi has got you covered.


Large assorted sushi (310g): 10 pieces of nigiri and maki with an assortment of flavoursome fresh fish and vegetables.

Lunch selection (240g): 8 pieces of nourishing nigiri and maki with fish and vegetables.

Classic assorted (180g): Hand-picked assortment of the most popular pieces of sushi.


Six maki mix (120g). Expertly rolled in the finest saltine seaweed, this fish and vegetable selection is just the right amount for an appetizer.

Carrot Salad: A fiery medley of crunchy, shredded carrot, fried onion and aromatic chilli. The ideal accompaniment to a juicy burger; whether it be beef, chicken, lamb, halloumi or falafel.

Smoked salmon pate: Rich, full bodied and creamy, this luxurious spread has a salty tang, best served with a plain water biscuit, cracker or a slice of hearty soda bread.

Vegetable noodles: Lavished with sweet chilli sauce, these spicy noodles have lashing of chunky vegetables peppered throughout. Crunchy peas, glazed broccoli and juicy red peppers make this dish a hearty standalone meal.


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